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Company is engaged in state high speed sea service between Zadar - Premuda(Krijal) - Silba - Olib with catamaran Princ Zadra.Other services company is offering:
excursions, rent-a-car, transfers, exchange-office, accomodation.

More at: www.miatours.hr

National Line Voyage

Linijska Nacionalna Plovidba (LNP - National Line Voyage) is a Croatian shipping company based in Split, whose business is based on long experience in catamaran and ferry transportation of passengers and vehicles.

Linijska Nacionalna Plovidba was founded in the summer of 2008. as legal successor of Split Tours, who at this time held ferry line Valbiska (island of Krk) - Lopar (Rab), catamaran lines Split-Solta and Split-Brac, and season catamaran line Pula-Mali Losinj-Zadar.

The fleet of LNP is composed of two ferries (Moli i Nosac) and four catamarans (Komiza, Broc, For and Bisovo), which, in accordance with the Code of the international maritime safety, possess ISM CODE certificates. These, along with the experience of our commanders and sailors, guarantee a pleasant stay on board and the safe arrival of passengers at the destination.

In order to make travel organization more easy and faster, LNP has, in addition to the standard purchase tickets at retail outlets in the embarkation ports and authorized agencies, enabled the online sale of travel tickets on domestic lines.

More at: www.lnp.hr


UTO “KAPETAN LUKA” with its head office in Krilo Jesenice has been successfully doing business since 1989. Fleet consists of two ships: DSC KRILO and DSC KRILO JET providing state high-speed sea service between Split-Hvar-Korcula.

Along with the regular state high-speed service Split-Hvar-Korcula we also offer tourist deals and field trip programs of sightseeing as well as the boat rental service.

More at: www.krilo.hr


Ivante company is providing state high speed sea service between ŽIRJE – KAPRIJE – ŠIBENIK with hovercraft Mislav. Also offers all sorts of tourist arrangements, from individual vacation, summer in Adriatic-winter in one of the european ski-centers, organized student trips, senior highschool and graduation student trips, as well as organizing arrangements for tourist groups in winter or summer.

More at: www.ivante.hr


Jadrolinija is Croatia’s largest liner shipping company for the maritime transport of passengers and vehicles, with a hundred year long tradition.
The Company was founded on 20th January 1947 in Rijeka as a successor of various mergers of small-sized shipowners having taken place since 1872. The basic purpose of Jadrolinija is to connect major centres along the Croatian coast as well as numerous islands with the mainland. The carriage of passengers and vehicles is of seasonal character and closely related to the travel and tourism industry.

More at: www.jadrolinija.hr


To expand the tourism possibilities and to illuminate the maritime history of Dubrovnik, the travel agency “Navicula” has undertaken the complex task of building a replica of an historic karaka, a very important kind of trading vessel for the Republic of Dubrovnik (1272 - 1808). The new Karaka will sail in and around Dubrovnik waters, evoking the rich Dubrovnik maritime history by taking tourists out for daily excursions and for occasional special events. Since no maps or blueprints of an original karaka exist, the reconstruction of the Karaka was a challenge. Much information was gathered from assorted descriptions and pictures found at the Dubrovnik Maritime Museum. According to the information there, karakas were the largest ships on the Adriatic Sea in the early 15th century, and in the 16th century were among the largest vessels in the world.

During the 16th century, when the Dubrovnik Republic was at its peak, its shipbuilding industry produced almost 200 ships for the seas of the world. The citizens of Dubrovnik had earned a reputation as very distinguished builders of great karaka and galleon ships. That’s why the name “Argosy” (derived from Ragusa, as Dubrovnik was formerly known) became a synonym for a great trading ship, likely referring specifically to a karaka ship. It is even mentioned by Shakespeare in his play “The Merchant of Venice”.  

Between the 14th and 17th centuries, a karaka ship was normally quite large, one of the largest ships of that period. With its typical trading activity, it was also one of the most important sailboats of the Mediterranean Sea. Karakas can truly be considered the predecessors to the three-mast sailboats that developed and thrived until the 19th century.

To recreate the feel of the 16th century, special attention was given to every possible detail in the reconstruction process. Meanwhile, many aspects of the ship have been adjusted to modern tourism standards. Though the Karaka’s foundation is steel, its interior will appear as a beautiful historic artefact.

More at: www.karaka.info

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